Sarah Grace White – Sinkhole

Sarah Grace White

Los Angeles musician Sarah Grace White announces her new EP, Sinkhole, out June 28th, and releases the new single/video, “Light.” 


The stories of White’s songs wrestle with the isolation of observing one’s own life: the sacredness in the mundane. Each song zooms in on a moment or a detail and has a way of expanding outward –  a piece of glass, a knife, a first date, a satellite turning into the spacial, mountainous processings of love and of heartbreak. She’s a storyteller with a range evoking a compelling duality, the way that daybreak can look the same as sunset. Her voice oscillates between softness and edge, a vast and soulful spectrum. Throughout this new EP, co-produced with Jorge Balbi, White’s textural voice is layered over consistent, grounded rhythm, reflecting the unreliable tint of memory.

New single “Light” is a one-sided conversation through endless elements, begging for grace. “The first few weeks into falling in love has a way of putting your life under a microscope,” White reflects. “Every detail buzzes, every element flickers, every word examined under the lens of possibility. I wrote ‘Light’ at my kitchen table with a drum machine in this state of mind.”

The music video for “Light,” directed by Emilie Wilde, uses abstract visuals and in-camera effects to transport us into White’s world. “The concept for the ‘Light’ video is built on the performance of self-imposed isolation – who you become when you’re disconnected from everyone and yet locked into the space around you,” Wilde explains. “I wanted to take advantage of Sarah’s ability to be comfortable being weird. She brings an innocence to the performance that’s really refreshing.”


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