Maya Vik – C.N.B (Cold Norwegian Babe)

Maya Vik

Maya Vik is returning today, to share her brand new single “C.N.B. (Cold Norwegian Babe)”.

This is the second track he’s sharing from upcoming LP, Hustlebot, due out June 7th.


“C.N.B. (Cold Norwegian Babe)” is a cool synthpop/retrowave track made for long Norwegian summer nights, neon lights, and driving. Falling right in line with the prevailing disco, upbeat sound that pop music has been lauding as of late, “C.N.B. (Cold Norwegian Babe)” has all the elements of a summer hit. The track sounds almost chemically crafted to get stuck in people’s heads.

Maya says about the track “Us Norwegian girls are known to be a bit ‘cold,’ as in ‘I’ve been to Norway and no one wanted to talk to me’. However, ‘cold’ is given a positive meaning in this song, signifying independence and strength”.

The track comes as a part of Vik’s newest LP, Hustlebot, that’s set to drop June 7th. It’s an album full of dance hits, positive lyrics, and a coolness that reminds listeners of Kylie Minogue or Janet Jackson. Hustlebot is an energizer album, a piece of work that makes working hard feel effortless because of its infectious beats.


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