Beau – Girl Cried Wolf

Beau by Chad Moore

The New York City duo of Heather Goldin (singer/songwriter) and Emma Jenney (guitarist/songwriter) who record and perform as Beau have announced the September 13 release of their new album Girl Cried Wolf via Immortal Records.

Girl Cried Wolf

Nearly a decade has passed since the back-to-back releases of their self-titled EP and debut album That Thing Reality in 2015, and it has been experienced as one’s 20’s usually is: quickly and overwhelmingly, with a lot learned and a lot lost. Over the years they have played shows both stateside and in Europe but between gigs, life was also happening. Great loves were realized, hearts were broken. Friendships intensified, others faded away. The path forward, once full of nervous expectation, became a place of bittersweet surrender. It’s from this place of introspection that Beau is calling out with a release of grief and hope. Once kids shamelessly singing over the traffic of their native Greenwich Village, Goldin and Jenney are growing up and telling us how on Girl Cried Wolf.

Today they share the first tease of Girl Cried Wolf with the emotive single and video “Talk To Me.”

Goldin and Jenney have been friends since childhood and their bond (and by extension relationships in general) is the star of the video. The band share, “‘Talk To Me’ is about feeling desperate. Those moments when you just need a phone call or need to speak to someone who won’t answer. It’s a feeling of loneliness, but also finding hope in the midst of it all. The video amplifies the raw love we have for each other in our truest and most real nature.” 

The video was directed by Charles Billot who shares “I drew inspiration from the song’s theme. The concept revolves around the duality of waiting for a call for help. In relationships, we build habits, safe spaces, and memories and when separation occurs, we revert to familiar reflexes. By splitting the screen and overlaying similar actions, I emphasized this duality, the act of waiting, and the reenactment of memories. A continuous shot of Heather singing to the camera, with Emma’s arm over her, translates these past feelings and the yearning for someone who is no longer present. We constructed a room in the studio where they shared memories but no longer interacted, capturing the essence of their disconnected yet intertwined experiences.”

Beau Tour Dates

7/10 – Jean’s NYC – New York, NY

917 – Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn, NY


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