ROSIN – Intention

Rosin by @john_ef

Today ROSIN unveils her beautiful new single “Intention.”

The release of Intention sees ROSIN share her innermost thoughts.

Tender and alluring, the track is a stunning take on unrequited love. A self confessed romantic, ROSIN’s weightless vocals and honest songwriting embody the contrast of sweetness and a fragmenting dream.

Sharing more ROSIN explained: Intention is about feeling this closeness with someone in the moment but knowing that it won’t be more than that.

 I found myself wondering how someone can create this intimacy with you, without feeling anything. Although some people might see it as a sad song, as it is about a love that is not reciprocated, I hope that the listener also recognises the beauty of having feelings for someone and how it makes you feel inspired.

I loved the song from the start, as it was so personal and really captured that feeling of a crush being so delicate.

As a daughter of two visual artists, ROSIN’s upbringing in Berlin was rich in creativity. In more recent years she relocated to London via Brighton to pursue her music career. This has seen her sound evolve into a style that is authentically her own. Her enchanting sound toes a line between folk and experimental pop moments with flecks of electronica.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Phoebe Bridgers, James Blake and Donna Missal, ROSIN has found a network of fellow creatives, allowing her to evolve her soundscape and develop her gifted approach to writing. Intention was written with Duncan Pym who was on co-production duty with

Lapsung , a new soundscape and developing her gifted approach to writing.

Back in 2021, ROSIN revealed her debut EP ‘Now I’m A Woman’ which saw her reflect on her journey of personal growth. She has evolved to find comfort in being vulnerable with her intimate lyricism aligning flawlessly with her atmospheric arrangements.


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