Luna Li – Confusion Song

Luna Li by Leeor Wild

Today, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Luna Li shares her new single “Confusion Song.”

Co-produced by Monsune (SZA, Drake), Andrew Lappin (L’Rain) and Luna Li, “Confusion Song” captivates with a hypnotic rhythm track as the heartbeat of the song. Li’s   spellbinding vocals and layered harmonies build to a questioning refrain of “how do you see it?” In a simple five words, she encapsulates the yearning to know where another person stands. It’s a swirling auditory journey on the denial one faces in post-breakup uncertainty.

About the new song, Li reflected “It’s the stream of consciousness that my mind went through following a break-up; the denial your subconscious and body can have for a while when that  one person won’t be in your life anymore.”

“Confusion Song” is the first taste of the Toronto-native/LA-based artist’s new album When a Thought Grows Wings, set for release on August 23rd by In Real Life/AWAL. Co-produced by Andrew Lappin (L’Rain) and Luna Li with select tracks co-produced by Monsune (SZA, Drake), the new record was created in the most transitional time in Li’s life. Having split from her partner of 8 years, leaving her family and friends in Toronto for a fresh start in LA, her new independence was at the forefront of her artistic ventures. In all the uncertainty she was still able to reclaim her sense of self, resulting in her best and most honest work yet.

“‘When a Thought Grows Wings’ refers to an idea taking shape; from the smallest seed of a thought into real and tangible action,” Li reflects on the aptly titled new record. It’s a project born out of the challenges and sacrifices you face after taking big risks.


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