Luna Shadows – Nudes

Luna Shadows by Alanna Durkee

Today singer-songwriter Luna Shadows shares her resonant single “nudes.”

Laden with longing, the ethereal track rises from shadowy depths, capturing the powerful feelings of infatuation and insecurity that battle for dominance at the root of new romance. There is a calculated desperation to “nudes,” which burns with a desire to explode in manic catharsis but stays cool and restrained through the track’s conclusion. At once beautiful and bittersweet, Luna creates an estuary between the past and the present, the real and the fantasy, amongst the song’s rippling synths, muted percussion, and fluid lyricism. Luna spins the tale of a partner who is emotionally translucent, present but unavailable, as she sings, “Keep your clothes on and your hands off / send you photos when I get home / til you tell me I’m the best that you ever had / oh, lead me on again and take it right back.” The track appears on Luna Shadows’ upcoming sophomore LP bathwater, arriving June 21st.

Luna says this of the new track:

“‘nudes’ is about the early days of infatuation and the confrontational memories that come along with new romance. The song reflects on coping with the jealousy that can appear when new romantic partners mix their memories and past experiences. Feeling poisoned by the knowledge of everyone else that came before you, ruminating to the point of unhealthy obsession – and all the while, fantasizing about being the ‘one and only,’ fixating on being ‘the best.’ ‘nudes’ represents the intersection of my memories with someone else’s memories. It captures a snapshot of that moment where you’re desperate to re-write their story, to erase the idea of anyone else that may have come before you.”

The song comes with a minimalist music video directed by Luna with cinematography by Haley Min Young Kreofsky and shot in the desert landscape of Sky Valley, California. “The desert is a place where almost nothing can survive – hostile, uninhabitable – and yet, also really beautiful,” Luna shares about the video. “There is a conceptual connection there to the song meaning. Living in an uninhabitable mental state, romanticizing it, taking in the view. The organic and electric sound of the song is matched visually with the out-of-place electronics (microphone and cable) in a very natural, majestic landscape. We used a 300 ft (football field sized) microphone cable for the side shots.”


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