Artist of the Month

Stephanie Sammons

Artist of the Month – May 2024

Stephanie Sammons by Debra Gloria

Stephanie Sammons is a Dallas-based singer-songwriter. Her upcoming full-length album Time and Evolution was produced by Mary Bragg and includes Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson. Time and Evolution begins with a journey and ends with a reckoning—part coming of age, part teardown of harmful church doctrine, part beautiful homage to the ongoing rediscovery of faith, the songs explore shame, vulnerability, and the complexity of being queer in a conservative, Southern religious culture. Moments of melancholy are balanced by acquiescence, embracing reality in deft, searingly poetic language woven with rich emotional insight. 

“Everything takes time, and everything changes. We either resist or embrace change. I’ve also experienced a lot of shame in my life, and that’s a recurring theme in this record.,” says Sammons. 

In Sammons’ words,  “Authenticity matters. I don’t want to shrink because I’m worried about what someone thinks. It’s the constant challenge of being an empath and a songwriter.”


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