The Baby Seals – Invisible Woman

The Baby Seals by Jeff Pitcher

The Baby Seals deliver their fourth single, Invisible Woman, a song with a beautiful gliding chorus, juxtaposed with a crushing opening verse and hook. Invisible Woman explores the brutal reality of how society treats ageing women and how we can heal the damage inflicted, together.

Their debut album, Chaos is out on April 19th!

Kat Cashman, director discusses the video:  “The making of the Invisible Woman video was akin to all the time I get to spend with The Baby Seals – that ‘lets f*ck around and find out’ energy that is the birthplace of revelatory magic. I tagged along to a venue they were playing at and got to witness their inner baddie rockstars unleash – kinda like the unveiling of a superhero. When it came to editing the footage I was getting a bit frustrated that the dark pub wasn’t displaying the surreal power they have on stage, so I f*cked around and found out! The comic vibe is a nod to the super hero wonder women they announce whilst playing, and also to the Vibrator video made by Liam Goodrum Bell from label mates Tape Runs Out. Once I realised I liked where that was going, it gave me a chance to keep f*cking around and finding out, I had A LOT of fun on this edit. I love that a live gig video has become a sort-of story, and stories are where we can make the Invisible, visible. How poetic. Thanks for having me seals, you rock”

Kerry Devine on Invisible Woman’s lyrical content and rage: “A friend once explained to me what happens when as a woman you get to a certain age, you become Invisible! This song explores the societal invisibility women experience as they age. we want women to know that they’re seen and celebrated.”


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