Vicky Farewell – Push It

Vicky Farewell by Robb Klassen

Los Angeles-based indie pop artist Vicky Farewell unveils her new single/video, “Push It,” from her forthcoming album, Give A Damn, out May 10th via Mac’s Record Label.

“Push It” begins serenely, its lyrics rife with frustration for an intimacy gone stagnant. “If you want to do better, go for it,” Farewell sings while her background harmonies cascade sweetly behind her voice. “I was going for my own twisted version of the Jeopardy theme song,” she explains. “I wanted to express my frustration about becoming stagnant. Sometimes, we are faced with the heartbreaking reality that you simply can’t take everyone along with you. I always think about the Paul Simon song, ‘Still Crazy After All These Years.’ Depending on which perspective you look at this particular song, ‘Push It’ is my adaptation of it.” The track’s accompanying video was shot entirely on an old camcorder at Soberanes Point on the coast of California.

Give A Damn


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