Gabbarein – Kom Her


Norwegian/American ethereal folk duo Gabbarein are excited to share their new single “Kom Her”, and its accompanying music video. “Kom Her” is part of Gabbarein’s self-titled debut album, out May 3rd, 2024 on Our Silent Canvas Records.

The track title means “Come Here” in English and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

This haunting, atmospheric track explores themes of depression and mental health which are very personal to singer Cecilie Hafstad. It’s visually represented by a delicate, emotional music video by French director Astrid Biessy.

Gabbarein singer Cecilie Hafstad shares:

“This track is about getting stuck in depression. How one can make unsound and rash decisions out of fear when stuck in the darkness of the mind.

When this channeled through me I was transported back to when my good friend was going through a very hard time in his life. Being I have dealt with anxiety and depression myself,  I was trying to guide him through a very hard time. ‘Kom her kom nå, ikke gå deg bort bare så –  Come here come now don’t get lost just stand there’ is about him not doing anything, just being still, standing still and not giving in to the depression and its hold. Unfortunately my friend didn’t take my advice or believe in himself and his light and he ended his journey. It was all too painful for him.

The track is about hope and being in pain, how at its worst one must stand still and not over think or make any major decisions. Just be still. Not doing anything but just accepting it. Reaching out to friends, getting help, getting guidance and believing you can make it through. The last line ‘Du kan få det til’ translates to ‘You can do it.’”

Director Astrid Biessy adds:

“The first time I listened to Kom Her, I was deeply moved – the music has an otherworldly essence. When I close my eyes and listen, I see a sacred connection between all things, between life and death, between nature’s creations and human-made granite walls, between the tangible and the invisible, between the old and the present, between those who thrive and those who suffer. It is the weaving of all these elements that creates the visual universe of Kom Her.”

Norwegian vocalist Cecilie Hafstad and American composer-producer Christopher Bono created Gabbarein improvisationally during a recording session on a fjord in Lyngen Norway, within the Arctic Circle.

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