Ghost Piss – Dream Girl

Ghost Piss by Daniel Caplan

From NYC to Richmond to the deep Oregon forests, Ghost Piss’s sound has changed right alongside songwriter River Allen. Polishing their DIY sound and expounding upon new scenes, new feels and a new world, Dream Girl is an encapsulating nod to the growing pains River experienced throughout their 20s.

Dream Girl

Ghost Piss is now celebrating the release of their first full length album titled Dream Girl and the release of their third music video, “Rude Dudes.”

River’s time spent performing and tending bar at NYC dance venues (as well as tending the garden at The Lot Radio), and tending to the Oregon forest while working as a botanist for the National Park service were equally important in crafting their tongue-and-cheek, and effortlessly personal Electro Pop sound. Ghost Piss combines River’s love of mainstream pop hooks, heavy house beats, and the succinct and minimalist compositions of their favorite composer Erik Satie- using repetition as a means of progression and meditation. River’s proficient mastery of the MC-505 can be heard on Dream Girl, accomplishing the goal of taking one piece of gear to its absolute limit.

River started Ghost Piss to create a space for playfulness, but Dream Girl doesn’t shy away from biting, emotional confessions. Dream Girl wears its heart on its sleeve, but not in the way you would expect. Ghost Piss manages to weave dark personal experiences of mistreatment, heartbreak and crippling imposter syndrome with empowering beats, playful production and complex textures. Inspired by sparkles, HitClips, rattling 808s, and imperfections, Ghost Piss hopes to remind you that emotions are beautiful, pink is punk, and life is fun.


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