Yoko Kanno ft Maya – Blue

Yoko Kanno by ©Meow on the Bridge

The iconic 90s anime series Cowboy Bebop endures as one of the greatest shows of its kind with a devoted following, even 25 years after its premiere.

Cowboy Bebop

Yoko Kanno –  the longtime composer, arranger and musician who scored for the Cowboy Bebop anime series, movie, video games, and the live-action remake – is sharing a stunning new version of the series’ “Blue” today. Featured in the final episode of the show, this ballad is remade with Kanno herself and the refreshing voice of a rising star, 16 year old musician Maya.

Yoko Kanno says of the song:

“Even after 25 years, the longing for freedom never leaves us. With Maya’s voice as a new set of wings, the song continues to soar even higher, even deeper, into the blue. The imagery Mr. Daichi Yasuda explores is an invitation to a journey for eternity.”


Maya on getting to work with Kanno:

“I’m beyond honored and happy to announce the release of a song that features my voice. In a world where it can sometimes be very challenging to feel “free,” I sang my heart out in hopes of bringing freedom to as many people as possible. The recording session with Ms. Yoko Kanno was a learning experience for me, and a very inspirational one. As a young artist who is just starting out, I cherish and treasure every moment spent with Ms. Kanno, who I admire so much.”


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