Kate Hudson – Live Forever

Kate Hudson by Guy Aroch

With a gentle catch in her voice, Kate Hudson sings a tumbling paean to growing up alongside one’s first child; offering a mix of awe, support, and wisdom, “Live Forever” is a celebration of the path you can’t imagine, the love that transcends all others and the glow of watching your son mature into a young man who’s independent yet always Mama’s baby. While Hudson co-wrote the song with Danny Fujikawa, Linda Perry and Johan Carlsson, the official music video for the song was produced by Fujikawa and Hudson.

“Depending on how you listen,” Hudson begins, “it could be a song of first love, young love, because it has the element of being barely an adult. If that’s how it is for you, I love that. But for me, it’s about the absolutely consuming joy Ryder was for me from the moment he arrived. Nothing can prepare you for a love that swallows you whole, but that’s what watching my son grow up has been for me – and when we started writing these songs, it was a feeling that absolutely had to be part of the record.”


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