Tuelo – Regarding My Heart

Today, South African-born, NYC/Dublin-based folk-rock musician Tuelo announces her bold second studio album, Regarding My Heart, due out September 27. Alongside the big news, Tuelo shares the cutting title track and its accompanying music video. With her most refined, self-assured sound to date, Regarding My Heart is a sweeping sonic exploration of love, loss and loneliness that allows Tuelo to proudly re-introduce herself as she carves a space in folk-rock that is all her own.

Regarding My Heart

Tuelo’s forthcoming cinematic second full-length studio album, Regarding My Heart, brings together her humble beginnings with who she is today–filled with lush textures, dynamic sounds, layered strings, horns and guitars, soaring vocals and intimate lyricism. With its vivid storytelling and unbridled honesty, the project has provided Tuelo with the space to heal, listen to herself and center her voice. Tuelo says, “This album has been the way that I could explain a life I thought was over. It has been the way I could explain a love I thought could be the only one. I could be silent.  After many years of fear as a migrant alone, I had a story to tell, and when it came to my heart I needed to remind myself that I am deserving of some kind of love.” Beginning with one central song and building from there, Tuelo crafted a resonant glimpse into her heart from different perspectives. On her unique songwriting process that generates dozens of songs, Tuelo shares, “With Regarding My Heart, I began to write over 70 songs that are called songs and shadows, which is a particular songwriting process I came up with of one core song followed by additional songs inspired by and answering back to this main song in different ways to include nuance in a journey.”

Tuelo says the album is, “by the lonely for the lonely. It’s about holding on to every ounce of peace, patience, pace, and the rhythm of the world.” Interspersed between the tracks are chant versions and towards the end, piano versions that offer alternate takes on the original versions while paying homage to Tuelo’s roots. Across three continents, the project’s expansive sound was brought to life with help from multi-GRAMMY® award-winning producer (Album of the Year, Best Rock Album) Robbie Nelson, guitar producer Kirk Schoenherr, longtime collaborator Kevin Wenzel and features backing vocals from Tuelo’s sisters.

The title track, out today, encompasses a life in its entirety–the love, loss and lessons learned. It was the making of this song that ultimately served as the catalyst for the making of the album. Tuelo shares, “’Regarding My Heart’ is a life-long journey of a song: a release, a reflection, a pacing of the story of love and loss.” The artist’s South African roots influence all facets of her artistry, as Tuelo shares, “It allowed for us to build a specific sound that reflects my particular way of song that I always compose from: my wailing vocal style with cinematic sounds and Etherial guitars, all rooted in my chanting culture.”

On the track’s subject matter and its universal, relatable quality, Tuelo says, “The song shows that in a ubiquitous world there lives a person in solitude, with a fascination for adventure, fantasy, and big dreams of great love. That is me. That would be ‘Regarding My Heart.’ That might be you.”


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