Tenderhooks – Self-Titled EP

tenderhooks by zhong lin

London-based, emerging alt-pop artist tenderhooks announces the upcoming release of her debut self-titled EP tenderhooks.

Tenderhooks EP

The enigmatic singer/songwriter tides listeners over with the EP’s incredible, resonant first single, “Anything You Felt,” out now.

The tenderhooks EP is the product of seismic, life-altering, changes for tenderhooks, who left a long-term relationship, a fast-tracked career in tech, and a steady, upward trajectory in New York for her native Ireland at the start of the pandemic. In lockdown, music became her outlet for self-expression and rediscovery, with each of the three songs on this project forging a new artistic path for tenderhooks.

“Anything You Felt” captures tenderhooks’ dizzying self-questioning as she comes to terms with her post-breakup reality. Through dark, brooding synth and minimal vocals, she takes her unresolved feelings through a sonic exploration.


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