L0L0 – Poser

LØLØ shares the reflective breakup tune “poser.”

Known for her biting directness and no-holds-barred authenticity, LØLØ continues to deliver with “poser,” singing, “You never loved me you fucking poser / was it only ever just for the sex? / Why would you kiss me and pull me closer / just to leave me hanging off of the edge?” LØLØ plays with juxtaposition on the vulnerable track,  contrasting caustic lyricism against a solemn sonic backdrop where grungy, understated guitars meet chilly cymbals to mirror LØLØ’s feelings of loneliness, confusion, and distress. LØLØ uses “poser” to sift through memories of her relationship for answers. The depth of her emotion on the track is vast, with a patina of understanding captured in the song’s layered outro with LØLØ announcing her ex-lover is “full of it.”

LØLØ says of the track:

“‘Poser’ is about someone who really got me good, who really truly made me believe they loved me, when it later became clear to me, they simply couldn’t have. Being a girl who enjoys rocking from time to time, I’ve sadly gotten called a poser many times by internet bullies. I thought the word was actually really pretty though, so I wrote it down in my notes after seeing some comments on my page. Since then, I always thought it would be cool to use the word poser relating to love. This ones for all the real posers out there ;).”


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