Tierra Whack – 27 Club

After delivering a fun, sparkling single in “SHOWER SONG,” GRAMMY-nominated recording artist and creative auteur Tierra Whack (Interscope Records) darkens the mood with a more profound perspective with her latest video, “27 CLUB.” Partnering with American conceptual artist Alex Da Corte, visually, the temperament is quite the same as “SHOWER SONG,” with its colorful, vivid aura.

However, Tierra’s demeanor is a stark contrast from its predecessor. Standing inside a gymnasium, Tierra tirelessly tries to execute a grueling exercise. “Coach got me doing suicides,” she sings. A sense of gloom and sadness fuels Tierra’s lyrics as she swiftly changes masks displaying different facial expressions. With a marching band and group of zealous cheerleaders surrounding her, neither can make Tierra flinch, as she remains somber, spilling out lyrics like: “I can show you how it feels when you lose what you love.”

 Tierra revealed her story behind “27 CLUB” on Instagram, saying: “I was in a dark place for a long time, and no one knew. I found my way out and made a choice to keep living. I wanna be completely transparent with my “whackos” because I’m human just like you and we all have rough days. The key is to keep going! Be kind… you never know what someone else is going through. For the longest time, I felt like I didn’t belong, but now I know that I do, and my hope is for other people to know that, too.

Tierra Whack’s debut album, World Wide Whack, will be released March 15.


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