Abby Sage – Soak

Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based alternative artist Abby Sage sustains her musical momentum with an introspective new single, “Soak.”

This radiant track offers another peek into her creative process while heightening the anticipation for the release of her forthcoming debut album, The Rot, out March 1, 2024 via Nettwerk. 

Embellished with delicate vocals and complemented by upbeat guitar strums, “Soak” strikes a sonic balance between melodic buoyancy and industrial undertones. Introduced by a simple drum beat, the song gradually reaches its climax in a lively and sparkling chorus. This sweeping alternative-pop track is a testament to self discovery, and an exploration of the liberation found in triviality.

“‘Soak’ is the acceptance and surrender to complete unimportance.” Sage says. “It’s recognizing how insignificant everything is and how small I am. It’s celebratory in a way because there is something so beautiful and freeing about letting go of ego and self importance. It frees up a lot of space.” Regarding the video, she continues, “I wanted to focus on the ‘giving in’ aspect of that first so the set was designed to feel chaotic and crowded with the masks and the wind blowing while I struggle to let go. Later in the video, the optical illusion of the puppet ‘carrying’ me around is that manifestation of my surrender and embrace of my insignificance.”

Abby Sage Tour Dates

May 06 – Los Angeles, CA – El Cid

May 08 – San Francisco, CA – Cafe Du Nord

May 10 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Block Party

May 12 – New York City, NY – Baby’s All Right

May 18 – Brussels, BE – Witloof Bar

May 21 – Berlin, DE – Lark

May 23 – Paris, FR – Le POPUP Du Label

May 24 – London, UK – The Lower Third


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