Artist of the Month


Artist of the Month – May, 2023


It was through therapy and processing her upbringing in a religious cult that Jessica Huang and the members of Draag were able to create the sonic world, story and visual elements of Dark Fire Heresy. Some songs act as vessels of healing and forgiveness and others became a revenge fantasy. The album holds space for what you wish you could have said, done or knew, while acknowledging a bittersweet nostalgia. Draag has released the singles “Demonbird”, “Mitsuwa”, “Good Era Doom” and “Animal Specialty”
What began as a solo project turned into much more when LA musician Adrian Acosta, trained as a mariachi singer by his established norteño musician father, recruited other members from disparate upbringings in the worlds of underground punk, no wave, experimental jazz, and classical music training, from Craigslist and the local DIY music scene – Jessica Huang, Ray Montes, Nick Kelley & Eric Fabbro. #draagsadpeople

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