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Tosha Jones

Tosha Jones


Artists Worked With- Saliva, Wayland, The Dead Deads

FEMMUSIC: How did you become involved in music?

TJ:  When I was three years old I asked for a drum kit and my parents got me a Fraggle Rock kit from Toys R Us for Christmas. They didn’t know I would rip it to shreds within a year. So, I officially started drumming at age eleven in the middle school band.

FEMMUSIC: What has been your biggest challenge touring?

TJ: My biggest challenge touring is getting a proper shower. Also, if you’re the opening act for a bigger band, would be winning the crowd over since they really aren’t there to see your band.

FEMMUSIC: How much studio work to you do?

TJ: Not a whole lot yet, but I did record drums on Brandon Baumann’s solo project that just dropped called “Manifestation”, which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

FEMMUSIC: How do you separate projects? Personal? Studio? Band Touring?

TJ: Somehow the Universe always times these issues out perfectly for me. I’m usually able to do everything I’m asked to be involved in without them interfering with each other.

FEMMUSIC: What challenges, if any, have you faced as a woman in the music industry? And how did you overcome them? Are those challenges increased or decreased when touring?

TJ: Of course there are challenges by being female compared to male. From it being not getting taken seriously at a soundcheck from city to city because I’m a chick, or that I can’t play as well as dudes because I’m a chick, etc.. It’s frustrating. In the past, I have actually stuck up for myself and have given that attitude right back to them, but within the last year, I have just ignored those types of issues the best I can and allowed my playing to speak for itself.


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