September 29th, 2021

Courtney Barnett’s new album Things Take Time, Take Time is out November 12 on Mom + Pop Music. Today she releases the track “Write A List Of Things to Look Forward To.”

“Write A List of Things To Look Forward To” takes its name from the technique one of Barnett’s friends advocated for her to get her out of a depressive funk, and paints a bittersweet picture of small wins and the circle of life. “

“I found a deeper communication with people in my life – deeper conversations”, Barnett notes of this new phase. “And a new level of gratitude for friendships that had been there for so long that I had maybe taken for granted”.

The latest track also arrives with a wholesome and heart-warming video by Christina Xing, featuring Barnett as sender and recipient of a series of gifts and letters. @courtneymelba

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