September 1st, 2019

Unfinished Mail – September 2019

worst day ever
Earlier this month I was talking with a singer-songwriter who has been going through changes. She has taken a retreat and is finding herself and her music again. She is someone who often acts as a motivator for other people so it was surreal to talk to her about motivation. I find motivation comes from darker places. When she was blogging about a bad day I thought about my worst day and how life compares after it. It is a reset. The coldest darkest day when the clouds envelop the room and it is hard to breathe remind you what the sun looks like on a cloudy day. 
Later this month I will be having surgery. I plan to be updating and may be updating more if I have the illusion of time. I’m relatively relaxed about surgery. I had my worst medical experience a couple of years ago. After that, nothing I’m hearing sounds bad. I don’t see sunlight but I’m not drowning in the rain. It is a simple thing to remember. When it is at its worse, life does get better through perseverance. It can always be worse. Seeing your worst day gives you perspective to make most days much better.  
It is September and my calendar is busier than August. Even with surgery, I plan to be out a lot. The fall season is getting busier than ever. 
Alex Teitz

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