June 1st, 2021

Letter From The Editor

Alix Dobkin died recently and I was surprised by the lack of coverage. Dobkin was a singer-songwriter and feminist activist. She pre-dates Ani DiFranco and came from that generation born during World War II. According to Wikipedia she was the first American lesbian to do an European tour. As we jump into pride month I think it more than appropriate to remember her. 
It is a rainy Memorial Day weekend and I’m looking at my “to do” list. In May we started the “Arts Lead Sheet” and the response has been good. It also feels good to me to be able to give you resources that can help. As we dive into a non-pandemic summer the shows begin to multiply. You may have also noticed we have new live show photos. My antsy photographers are more than glad to be shooting again. 
On Friday I was speaking with a new friend in Melbourne about the latest lockdown. It is a reminder that, although live music is back, everything can still change in an instant. Welcome back to summer. 
Alex Teitz

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