January 20th, 2021

Paris-based Louisa Pillot is not afraid of risks. Her music as Louisahhh delves into realms of sobriety, surrender and BDSM. Pillot is advocate for sobriety amid a culture with ties to extreme substance abuse.

Today Pillot releases “Numb, Undone.” This single is an industrial soundscape that is as brutal as it is seductive. It is the first single off her upcoming album The Practice of Freedom.

Louisahhh is a DJ, dance artist, advocate, environmentalist and feminist.

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October 1st, 2000

Tapping the Vein – Undone

Tapping the Vein – Undone (Independent)

Tapping the Vein is dark and melodic and vibrantly original. This Pennsylvania band is at one second using guitar chords like daggers, to using keyboard tracks that yearn for an orchestra. Tapping the Vein is Heather Thompson on vocals, Eric Fisher on drums, Joe Rolland on bass, and Mark Burkert on guitar.

Undone is Tapping the Vein’s six song CD. Notable songs include “Beautiful” which is a view of vanity, and “Crushing” with repetitive vocals that dig into the soul. “Undone” is filled with keyboard, violin and guitar tracks that submerge the listener. Throughout the CD, Thompson’s vocals change from aggressive to passionate to dispondent. Her voice guides the listener.

Tapping the Vein will not appeal to all. Although there are elements of goth, the band itself should fit for any alternative fan. For more information see http://www.tappingthevein.com

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