August 22nd, 2021


Denver, CO

August 27-29, 2021


Sofia Valdes – Sofía Valdés is a singer is a singer/songwriter, born and raised in Panama, educated in the U.S. and Liverpool, UK. Sofía’s family is deeply musical, ranging from Panamanian folk music to Cubanismo. Her latest release is “Silhouette.” @sofiavaldes

Shannon + The Clams – Shannon & The Clams’ sixth studio album, Year Of The Spider, is out now via Easy Eye Sound. For the album, the band, fronted by bass player Shannon Shaw and guitarist Cody Blanchard on lead vocals with Will Sprott on keyboards and Nate Mahan on drums, returned to Dan Auerbach’s Nashville Easy Eye Sound Studio to craft a mature, reflective and ebullient album built for the current times, on which they have perfected their signature blend of garage psych, doo-wop, classic R&B, and surf rock. The album features singles including “All of My Cryin’” and “Midnight Wine.” @shannonandtheclams


Zembu – ZEMBU is an indie-pop electronic producer and artist based out of Colorado. She combines ethereal, warm production with layers of soulful vocals and reflective lyricism centered around the intersection of her identities, mental health, and social issues. @zembumusic

Jelie – Denver rapper Jelie (pronounced “jell-eye”) is a music savant. Between her beats, production, sound engineering, songwriting and a recording arts degree received from the University of Colorado Denver, she lives and breathes her craft. @jelie303

DEADLUV – DEADLUV is a newly formed synth-pop duo from Denver, Colorado. Their music is the juxtaposition of dark and light with heavy synthesizers and ethereal vocals colliding effortlessly. Chris Nugen creates a soundscape of house beats and gnarling synth voices while Emma Henry sings hypnotic melodies on top. @deadluvmusic


The Grand Alliance – The Grand Alliance is Crl Crrll, Sur EllZ and Kayla Marque. Each amazing musicians. Together a Colorado supergroup. @legrandalliance

Lnlygrl – Perhaps the most interesting story of UMS. Originally from California this artist started music while still in college. She went to medical school in San Diego while still continuing music. Since moving to Denver and starting her career as a physician, LNLYGRL hopes to continue sharing her funky grooves with others on the dancefloor (when not on call). @_lnlygrl

Remi Wolf – Remi Wolf will cement her status as one of pop music’s brightest young stars when her debut album Juno lands on October 15th. With her eclectic sound and style and magnetic personality, Remi has developed an avid fan base – to which she affectionately refers to as “Remjobs” – that has made her a trailblazer of the emerging Gen Z pop scene. She has garnered a cult following of peers and fellow artists along the way, boasting collaborations with Dominic Fike, Beck, and Nile Rodgers and Instagram cosigns from John Mayer, Khalid and Camila Cabello. @remiwolf


Messiahvore – Formed in 2019 By guitarist/vocalist Bart McCrorey & bassist Jenn McCrorey. Kevin Disney on baritone guitar and Brokk Dagaz on drums. Messiahvore have a new full length record to be released early in 2022, but for now the plan is to keep writing, perform and get back on the road. @messiahvore

Pink Fuzz – The big news this year is The Velveteers new album produced by Dan Auerbach. The other half of the Velveteers family is in Pink Fuzz with John & LuLu. Pink Fuzz mixes harmonies with hard driving guitar. Pink Fuzz has been an extensive touring band for about 4 years. They have played with bands including Thee Oh Sees, LA Witch, Reignwolf, The Yawpers, Slowcaves, Black Pistol Fire and Heart. @pinkfuzzband

Esther Rose – As much as she’s a songwriter, Esther Rose is a scene setter, a crystallizer of moments, and a full time inhabitant of the dimly-lit world depicted in her songs. Rose found her voice over the course of years spent regularly performing and recording in New Orleans, combining her DIY work ethic with an affinity for traditional country arrangements. Though still dressed with the dreamy lap steel, fiddle, and string bass accompaniment of earlier material, sophomore album You Made It This Far took on a far more personal tone. The songs were at times cuttingly direct, with storytelling lyrics culled straight from lived experiences both stormy and revelatory. @therealestherrose

Lolita – Lolita is a latin pop artist. Her latest release is called, “Toda Mi Gente (Remix),[ft. Big Samir of The Reminders].” It’s a Spanglish pop song about gun violence and police brutality. The song weaponizes joy through pop music and puts it to use in the fight for social justice. @lolitaworldwide


Down Time – Led by Alyssa Maunders Down Time has made a mark with their debut album Hurts Being Alive produced by Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore of Tennis. @downtimeforever

The Andersons – Couples bass therapy. The Andersons is DJs Yololo and Nasty Nachos, a powerful partnership that have provided the city with grooves for all occasions. @perpetualjoyyy

Claire Heywood – After playing solo sets for small listening audiences alongside poets, comedians, and writers for several years, Heywood self-released an EP of original songs titled The Wind, It Howls in March 2019. In 2020, Heywood released three singles: “Python,” “Letter Day,” and “I Won’t Resign My Love For That Old Dream.” Her latest release is “Crushed Lemons” @claireaheywood

Claire Heywood


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July 31st, 2021


The Underground Music Showcase

August 27-29, 2021

Denver, CO

For over 20 years this music festival has brought big names to Denver while also showcasing the local scene. This year over 170 artists will appear on 15 stages over 3 days. Last year the festival was a virtual 3 hour event. This year’s showcase includes Pinegrove, Remi Wolf, Shannon & The Clams, Sofia Valdes among its 13 headliners. Local acts include returning artists of Bellhoss, Slow Caves, Wildermiss, Izcalli and more. There are also new faces including Lnlygirl, The Grand Alliance, Deadluv and more.

“After 20 years of Underground Music Showcase, we were thrilled to be able to carry-on our tradition virtually last year by raising $75,000 for independent musicians” shares Casey Berry, owner of the festival. “With that said, we couldn’t be happier to be in-person for 2021 to not only support live music and local bands, but to support more than a dozen independent bars and restaurants on Broadway!”

UMS is working closely with city and state officials to make sure we rage safely in 2021. This might include reduced capacity (especially at indoor venues), and potentially limiting ticket sales to ensure proper distancing as required. UMS has every intent to become a good example of how to return to in-person, live music festivals in a safe and celebratory manner, and will be monitoring health directives in real time as the big weekend approaches.


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August 2nd, 2019
Underground Music Showcase
Denver, CO
July 26-28, 2019
Photos by Lisa Dibbern and David A. Barber

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August 9th, 2018
Underground Music Showcase, Denver, CO
July 27-29, 2018
Photos by Veronica Lee

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July 31st, 2017

Underground Music Showcase – Denver, CO – July 27-30, 2017
Photos by Charles Powell

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July 1st, 2017
Who to See at Underground Music Showcase 2017 – Denver, CO – July 27-30, 2017
UMS 2017 logo

The Underground Music Showcase aka UMS is a 4 day music festival that includes national, regional and local acts in multiple venues. It is a place to discover new artists, see old friends, while drinking and eating local fare.

Aldous Harding – New Zealand singer-songwriter Aldous Harding was signed to 4AD earlier this year and released Party. Harding is a classically trained guitarist who is mesmerizing to watch life. Party is not the pulse pounding big label debut album. It is a meditation of thought and wisdom.
Esme Patterson – Patterson is a Colorado original who was part of the band Paper Bird. She has since moved to Portland. She released We Were Wild last year. Her album Woman to Woman was a fictional woman’s response to some of the classic rock songs.
Zola Jesus – Putting Zola Jesus in a genre box is very hard. She is experimental, industrial, songwriter and oozes creativity from her veins. Her 6th album Okovi comes out in September and her UMS set should include many new songs.
10 Colorado Artists to See at UMS

Corsicana –  Corsicana is a 4 piece led by Ben Pisano. It features Melanie Steinway (Tyto Alba) and Jordan Leone on bass who add a playful and experienced backbone to this band.
Edison – Edison released Familiar Spirit last after signing to Rhyme & Reason Records. This Denver 3 piece is a synergy of Sarah Slaton, Dustin Morris & Maxwell Hughes. We recently saw them take their song “Water In the Well” to new heights.
Katey Sleeveless – Katey Sleveless is an all woman 3 piece from Colorado Springs led by Kate Perdoni of Eros & Eschaton. We’re excited to see this new project in action.
King Cardinal – This 5 piece alt folk party band attracted our attention last year with vocal styling’s that could be heard miles away. They released their sophomore album Once a Giant in 2015.
Lillian – Lillian is an artist we’ve never seen live but were sold on after hearing the song “Melt Together” on her EP Desert Song. She is now working on a new EP called Light Bender.
SIR – This Denver 3 piece is the secret we’re waiting for. They have done some recording in LA resulting in the single “Go.” They also recently inked a bigger deal. We’re waiting for the new album to emerge.
Television Generation – Television Generation is a pure punk band of reverb and noise. They have an EP Fusia out.
The Still TideRun Out is the newest EP from Denver’s The Still Tide. Anna Morsett & Jacob Miller have a connection to songwriting and arrangements. Consider them the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. What stays with you after one of their sets is more profound.

The Violet Tides – Kenzie Culver and the Violet Tides are a band to watch. They are an emerging work inprogress that already has the stage show.
Wildermiss – In June Wildermiss had a sold out show to premiere their new single “Carry Your Heart.” It was an electric night and demonstrated how far this group has grown in a short time. They are a dream rock act who are making the jump from opener to headliner easily.

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