August 1st, 2017

Unfinished Mail – August 2017

 Turning 18 - FEMMUSIC's 18th Anniversary 
FEMMUSIC is now old enough to vote so look out at the 2018 elections. FEMMUSIC is old enough to drive. FEMMUSIC is old enough to rock! 
18 years ago FEMMUSIC started. The year was 1999 and the internet was flooded with music sites who had lots of money. We didn’t. I’d expected FEMMUSIC would last 6 weeks, maybe. Instead through lots of hard work we’re turning 18. Rolling Stone is 50 this year so we have a ways to go. 
Every year I do FEMMUSIC I find new artists. I often consider music to be a 3 minute love affair. The older I get the less I’m falling in love with the artist; the more I fall in love with the music. Often times I don’t consider myself a “fan.” Fans of artists know their catalog backwards & forwards, know the lyrics, and know the history. I go into shows cold wanting to fall in love with the music. If I’m lucky I do.
The older I get the more I consider my mission to teach as well as shine the spotlight on artists. I recently had someone giving me pointers on promoting what I was doing in the niche to gain advertisers. I’m long past hunting for money to keep FEMMUSIC going. The contracts I would have to sign are not worth the money. FEMMUSIC is a labor of love. Not a commodity.
This has been a good year for FEMMUSIC. I think last year we were busier. This year I love the team I’m working with. There is more I would have liked to have cover this year but there will be other opportunities. We won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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