September 1st, 2001

Tori Amos: Lyrics (Omnibus Press 2001)

Tori Amos just released a new CD of cover songs (see CD reviews) but Lyrics reminds the reader why Tori Amos is such a force to be reckoned with. The book contains the lyrics to over one hundred of Amos’ orginals including “Me and A Gun”, and “The Waitress” to B-Sides and obscure songs that fans may have never heard of.
Amos introduces the book with a description of why it was made. She reiterates describing her songs as children and a legacy and of being a “mother” to them. Amos also talks of the power of words and songs by saying, “Words are like guns. They do wound…as we all know. Sometimes I truly believe that it’s the space between the words that matters…”
Lyrics fulfills both missions of being a legacy and demonstrating the power of Amos’ words. Amos is a passionate songwriter whose songs embody elements of emotion wrapped in metaphors and stark images. These songs stand alone in written form as contrastly as they do with music. They speak, and scream for any who will listen.
Lyrics is a must for any Tori Amos fan. It should also fill the libraries of anyone trying to learn the art of songwriting.

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