November 1st, 2015

Unfinished Mail – November 2015

The Music In My Head

The Music In My Head & Redefining Music

            Morning. This month I’m taking on 2 subjects. The first hit me mid-month and refused. The second hit me moments ago and I thought was a good idea.
            I’m a writer. I’m not a musician but I’m plagued by my muse just the same. In the past couple of years my muse has picked up the guitar. I now dream in soundtracks and sometimes wake with original music that I can’t write down. I know, hard problem to have. Yes that was sarcasm. I’m a writer which means words matter. Images matter. Often I’m so busy I don’t dream or don’t remember my dreams. This has changed in the past couple of years where my dreams speak clearly & directly. I’ve dreamt about jam bands, and songwriters. I’ve had full narratives appear. The item that has changed is the music. It is like bringing the talkies out when people still watched silent films. It is revolutionary.
            What the hell is Indie? When did dream pop become shoegaze? As a music writer I constantly find myself redefining what genre music is. I read my contemporaries and see new terms all the time.  New terms for music come from many places. They may come from the marketer who wants the music to standout. It may come from the generation who has heard similar music from their parents but wants to make it their own. Sometimes it is a rebranding of something that exists already. Music is constantly evolving into something new and different because of the culture, technology and the trends. The music you like may be named something else by your kids. It is no less good in the definition.
             Welcome to the November issue. In early October I started getting press releases on Holiday albums. Often I avoid them because they are seasonal and the songs may not stick past New Year’s. This year I decided to spotlight the few that came across my desk to warm you up for the holidays. Next month is our Best Of The Year issue. We can’t wait either.  

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