January 1st, 2001

The Indie Bible 

The Indie Bible 3rd Edition (Big Meteor Publishing 2001)
By David Wimble
Reviewed by Alex Teitz

The Independent Musicians’ Contact Bible (IMCB) now known as The Indie Bible is the creation of David Wimble. It is one of the most comprehensive listings of websites available for music in the world. The book is arranged into six sections: Reviews of Independent Music, Radio Stations that are Willing to Play Independent Music, Services that will Help You Sell Your Music, Sites That Will Allow You to Upload Music & Video Files, Helpful Resources that Will Promote Your Band for Free!, and Articles that Will Help You Succeed in the Music Industry. The last section includes pieces from Ariel Publicity, The Muse’s Muse, and many more. There is also a new Women in Music section. There are few books that should be in an artist’s library including The Musician’s Atlas, How to Be Your Own Booking Agent (And Save Thousands of Dollars), and now The Indie Bible. The Indie Bible is available in print or CD-ROM format and for a small additional fee, yearly updates are available. For more information visit www.indiecontactbible.com

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