March 1st, 2017

Unfinished Mail – March 2017

The clock is ticking
It’s exactly mid-February, February 14, Valentine’s Day. I feel the March deadline breathing down my back. For February I’d hoped to present a multi-pronged feature on music venues. That has been delayed while I find more interviews. January and February are typically slow for me. Once March starts the accelerator is hit and doesn’t slow down for 9 months. Later this week I’m giving a speech to students about FEMMUSIC’s history & my daily process. It reviewing both it brings back memories. 
In August FEMMUSIC will be having it’s 18th Anniversary. It is exciting and daunting at the same time. I strive to make FEMMUSIC better. It has become a more activist site than when I first began. I frequently will make a political or social message without saying it. I see my role as editor is to shine a light on artists. That means I give them voice to their issues. My own politics and social causes may be mentioned in my editorial but they shouldn’t always take front stage. 
2017 is looking to be one of the biggest in music. There are more releases from more artists and more tours than before. This means the pressure is on for me & my staff to do more. The clock is ticking and I would like to not always be in catch up mode. 

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