April 1st, 2018

Unfinished Mail – April 2018

 Spring is Here 

I write this the day before Spring. Last month’s editorial I wrote the day before Vans Warped Tour announced it’s line-up. It only featured 4 female acts out of 60+. In the past Warped Tour has featured double digits. As this is the last year of the tour they will not have time to remedy it. This month we feature Sharptooth who is one of the four playing the tour. 
In March we also saw the first caucuses and primaries of the political season. We expect to follow the political season closely this year as there are over 300 women candidates running in the US. This is a year of change and we want to reflect that. 
March is also Spring Break and we are finding concerts filled with kids celebrating. It is a sign of the summer to come. 
It is now April and we begin the festival season with our first local festival, FoCoMX. May is already overflowing with festivals we plan to preview. We are also being bombarded with new releases. That is not a bad thing. Many of the artists we like have new albums out, and many new artists who are attracting our attention are putting out new material before touring. 
I’m surprising myself by reading a book or two a week now. As summer gets closer I don’t expect that to continue. This past weekend we finished Brotopia about sexism in Silicon Valley. It was enlightening and brought up many events that flew under our radar. It also continued to enforce how much work still needs to be done in all industries. 

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