May 11th, 2021

“The chorus is meant to be sexy and playful,” says Ross. “I definitely was implying the desire to be alone with your thoughts and a vibrator!” But the song never overtly goes there and instead returns to the earnestness of crushing hard on a cute girl. Ross sings “I gotta let you know baby” over the post-chorus, reminiscent of the Spice Girls pop of her childhood.

The song was written and produced by Brian Robert Jones.

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September 16th, 2020

“Meeting Nadia was kismet,” says Melanie. “I’d seen her on Kathy Burke’s documentary series on women and fallen in love with her attitude. As female artists, we have to be fearless. I love this girl.” Commenting on the collaboration for the first time today, Nadia likewise says: “It’s no secret that I’m a super Spice Girls fan so this whole experience has been very surreal. Melanie C is an incredible human being; creating with her has been nothing short of perfect. Feel-good song that makes you feel-GREAT!”

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