November 17th, 2021


Ft Collins band Companion is identical twin sisters Joanna & Sophia Babb. Today they release their first single and video as Companion. The single is “How Could I Have Known.”

The video takes a humorous look at finding the right someone.

A little background:

“I (Sophia) started writing “How Could I Have Known” at the beginning of my first autumn in northern Colorado. I quickly learned that fall is a fleeting, beautifully short time in the mountains – it doesn’t last long. It takes just a few blustery days for all the yellow aspen leaves to give way to bare trees, snowfall, and early sunsets.

That autumn, I was engaged to my now husband. He was dealing with some concerning medical issues, and I developed an over-awareness of how quickly I could never see him again. Having lost family members suddenly & without warning in the past, I became anxiously aware that just as soon as he came into my life, he could leave it, too.

Though this thought, at its core, is a very scary one – when I looked beyond the fear of losing something I held so dearly, I could see the incredible gift it is to have something to hold dear in the first place.

I showed Jo the beginnings of the song, and we finished it together in an afternoon. This song is a way to give thanks to the unknown forces that bring people together, acknowledge that those same forces may take people away, and meditate on the permanence of impermanence.”

Companion will be releasing a full length album and this is the first taste.


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