September 1st, 2014

Facing West – Skyline

   By Alex Teitz

Facing West is another name for two sisters, Caitlin and Sidney Powell. They go under the name, Two Girls With Guitars, but soon only will be known as Facing West. Caitlin is 15. Sidney is 12 and plays a 12 string guitar. “One for every year” in the words of her sister. Facing West plays a variety of material in Skyline. Their primary genre is country pop but elements of blues and some folk bleed in.
The eight tracks on Skyline showcase both sisters’ talents. Caitlin has a bluesy soulful singing voice. Sidney has a high voice. Each song has one sister on lead vocals while the other plays throughout and may add as background vocals and harmony. “Breakthrough” is an upbeat song about being ignored and not heard. It has a strong beat and a quick pace. “Rain”, sung by Sidney, is a song about the benefits of bad weather. It is a country song that deserves multiple listens. “You’re Gonna Hear Me” is a song about asserting yourself and has a natural rhythm to it. Both “Journey of Life” and “Disguise” sound the oldest and least developed on the album. “Disguise” has the most blues sound of all the tracks.
Facing West has all the benefits and obstacles of starting early. Skyline is a good first album. It does have songs that are catchy, memorable and do have longevity. It also has songs that will fade from memory when the next album comes out, and the next. The road to stardom begins with a first step andSkyline is it. For info visit  

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