January 4th, 2021

Shungudzo has written for Little Mix, Chiiild and Jessie Ware. She is a Zimbabwean-American activist, poet and songwriter. Today she releases the video for “It’s a Good Day (To Fight the System).” The video was directed and produced by Shungudzo and G Smith.

“I wrote “It’s a good day (to fight the system)” as a way to express that, although the fight for justice and equality we are in can feel heavy at times, what we are striving for — what people around the world are striving for — is joy,” says Shungudzo of the track. “The joy of a life whose fullest potential can be reached without hitting systemic roadblocks. The joy I feel seeing people stand up to the systems that oppress them. The joy of the idea that future generations won’t have to fight the same fights we’re fighting — if we keep fighting. I try to remember this joy every time things get heavy again, and I hope this song brings joy to you.”


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September 17th, 2020

Liza Owen released her single “Why Aren’t We Having Sex?” earlier this year. Today she releases “Getting Good” a song she wrote with Julian Bunetta, Shungudzo, John Ryan, Andrew Haas, and Ian Franzino.

“This song is really about self destruction and recognising that sometimes we’re all a bit lost,” says Liza. “It’s kind of a dark song, but there’s also a weird sense of empowerment in just owning that darker side of yourself and all your floors.”

Liza Owen has written for Selena Gomez and BTS. She is an English pop artist of Cambodian descent. https://www.lizaowen.com/

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August 31st, 2018

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