November 1st, 2017

Unfinished Mail – November 2017

Seeing & Not Seeing
October began with the mass killing in Las Vegas. On of the best editorials we saw about it was this:
Concert security is one of my soapboxes. It is the constant struggle of keeping audience members safe without infringing on their rights. Las Vegas took it to another level with the shooter being no where near the venue. It presents a scary new step in terror. We mourn the victims in Las Vegas and hope that this will finally be the last event of its kind. 
On an entirely different note, October had us in shows where we couldn’t see the artist. The biggest were Frankie Rose and Hundred Waters. Both decided that a smoke machine is better than a live performance. Hundred Waters was moved from a bigger venue. We heard the crew checked the smoke machine at sound check. They obviously didn’t care that the smoke completely obscured the band. You were lucky to see shadows. 
Frankie Rose was a similar situation. Not only did she have a smoke machine going, she also asked that the lights be turned down when she got on stage. She was a black shadow on stage. 
Both shows emphasized for us how visual a concert is. As an artist on stage you have a presence to deliver your message. If you hide behind smoke and shadows, you are telling your audience you don’t “want” to see them. On stage you are the master. It is both frightening & empowering to do a live show. The reason you are on stage (and above everyone else) is because you’ve earned it. You’ve proven you can play and perform. I’ve seen shows with amazing light shows that work to amplify the performance. Both of these shows I left early. There was no show to the show only shadows and smoke. Please let your audience see how good you are. 
Alex Teitz

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