May 11th, 2022

Scout LaRue Willis announces her remarkable self-titled debut album today. Imbued with wistful melodies and eloquent, eccentric arrangements, the record is a coming-of-age masterpiece that showcases a young auteur turning her darkest fears into hopeful songs. A skilled songwriter and artist who has collaborated with the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Willis always aspired to a musical career but something held her back.  “Somewhere between fear and misperception I had this idea that I shouldn’t and couldn’t pursue music full time,” Willis explains. “Later though, I realized this was just a very clever way to hide from the deep, unconscious fear I had around sharing myself and my art with the world.” It took a few years, but this fear would ultimately be channeled into Willis teaching herself to play guitar in 2016 and write her own music for the first time, and this self-titled album is the first peek into her gorgeous sonic world.

The album’s lead single is the anthemic “Woman At Best,” which receives a stunning visual accompaniment by Lili Peper and Scout LaRue Willis.

On the lead single, Scout shares “Woman at best is a love letter to Sacred feminine rage. It’s an anthemic celebration of the courage  it takes to make the tough decisions in life and love, that while for your highest good, can feel excruciating. It’s about finally stepping away from something both toxic and intoxicating. This song is an ode to feminine creativity, sexuality and freedom, to the idea that I can be all of it without hiding or withholding any piece of myself. I wrote this song with a near prescient clarity, precisely describing the arc of a relationship I wouldn’t enter till months after it was written. It was one of the only songs on the album that Showed me exactly what kind of production it called for. From the very earliest stages Of writing it I heard a choir, I heard a huge string section, this song wanted to be big and proud and unapologetic. It was so incredible to hear it come to life in the studio. Even then it brought me to the edge of my own discomfort and pushed me beyond my perceived limitations.”


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March 4th, 2022

Today Scout LaRue Willis releases her new single “Shouldn’t I Be”.

Following the previously released “Love Without Possession,” “Shouldn’t I Be” is another track off of Willis’ forthcoming, not-yet-announced solo debut album, slated for Summer of 2022. An artist who has collaborated with the likes of Nicolas Jaar and Gus Wenner in the past, Willis showcases another side of her sonic palette on “Shouldn’t I Be,” an impeccably produced country-tinged folk song that let’s her gorgeous vocals take center stage.

“To me ‘Shouldn’t I Be’ is a song poised on the knife’s edge between old patterns of self judgement and the joyful clarity of allowing myself to let them all go,” Willis explains. “Lyrically, this song speaks to that near universal pain of not-enoughness, of feeling like we ought to be something different than we are: better, stronger, taller, braver, more beautiful, in the hopes that then we might finally feel complete and whole. Sonically, however, there is also a wildly triumphant quality to this song that says, ‘I am the only version of me that will ever exist on this plant and I am ready to stop watering down the vivid, blazing glory of my unique signature.’ This song is both a call to action and a tender, soothing balm to this specific, oh so human feeling.”


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October 15th, 2021

Today, Scout LaRue Willis releases “Love Without Possession,” the first single off of her forthcoming debut solo album, slated for spring of 2022. To mark the occasion Scout has also shared the stunning companion video directed by Julianna Giraffe and Nicky Giraffe of Giraffe Studios. The single and forthcoming album were co-produced by Scout Willis & Greg Papinia and recorded in Highland Park, CA.

Scout LaRue Willis on “Love Without Possession”

I wrote this song in 2016 in the midst of profound heartbreak, hope, confusion, tenderness and growth. It kept me company, narrating a story I was living in real time and softening the edges of my pain as only art can. Recording this song in 2020, my intention was to share as vulnerably as I could in the hope that this song might keep you company too. @scoutlaruewillis

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