February 18th, 2021


Brynn Elliott “Tell Me I’m Pretty” Scholarship – Application Deadline May 4, 2021 

Brynn is fresh off the release of “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” the powerful song behind the scholarship’s name.

Brynn Elliott is celebrating today’s announcement of the “Tell Me I’m Pretty” scholarship in partnership with Bold.org, an organization that works to eliminate student debt and democratize philanthropy. The $500 scholarship is geared towards ambitious women, and was inspired by the women in Brynn’s own life. Learn more and apply HERE: go.bold.org/Brynn

“I wanted to do this scholarship to encourage and empower women in WHATEVER they choose to set their mind and hearts to,” says Brynn “because I truly believe that what we do in this life and how we live is our access point to beauty. It could be going to school, starting a small business or creating art. Humans living out their purpose and dreams is what it’s all about. This scholarship is specifically for women because I know how much the women in my life have inspired and encouraged me to do that to which I am called. I would love to do the same for other women.”


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