January 12th, 2022

On February 11th Tuelo will release her powerful art-rock debut record The Life of Margaret Cornelius, a collection that looks to dissect the pitfalls of life and learn to not only crawl out after, but be reborn stronger.

Out today is new single/video “Canary”, a song of mysterious origins that puts Tuelo’s powerful vocals and left-of-center musical brilliance on full display.

“Canary” is the second video from the forthcoming collection following “Saint Margaret” (an invigorating ode to the virtues we learn from our parents). With additional entries to come, the videos around Tuelo’s debut album tell the story of a boxing match – the lead up, day-of, and result of the fight which serves as a metaphor for “the inner strength in finding the spirit to keep going and renewal.”


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January 3rd, 2022


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