July 19th, 2022


With the recent, abhorrent overturning of Roe v. Wade at the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, NYC singer-songwriter MuMu felt a responsibility to share her single, “Wrapped Up,” a song that retells real stories of three women who faced the challenges of unplanned pregnancy. It expresses the vitality of one’s right to choose, and the detrimental effects of those rights being taken away.

Today, MuMu shares an emotive live performance of the track. She additionally wrote the following essay, breaking down the song’s deeper meaning and the deeply moving, and relevant message it relays:

When I was a little girl, I didn’t fully understand the term “pro-choice.” I thought that meant I would be ok with having an abortion if the time came. One of my older sisters delicately explained to me that pro-choice isn’t about personal choice, it’s about acknowledging that everyone has the right to choose for themselves. A simple shift in perspective made all the difference.

As I got older, I realized that not everyone has a wise family member or friend to help them gain perspective. It’s difficult to determine what’s fair or just when we’re inundated with misinformation and skewed personal agendas.  But it’s not my place to tell you that you’re wrong. I just tell stories – real stories about living, breathing women who have been overlooked and under-heard.

Verse 1 is about a small girl in a little town. She’s being raised by a neglectful mother who has had a string of abusive relationships. This little girl finds solace in a boy who tells her everything she wants to hear, for selfish reasons. She ends up needing an abortion and when she gets to the clinic, protestors scream and throw rocks at her. “They wanted a child to have a child of her own.”

Verse 2 is about a college student who’s worked hard in school and has big dreams for her future. She is drugged and raped at a party. Her mother blames her and pressures her to carry the baby to term. Everything she’s been working towards has been taken away by the decisions of others.

Verse 3 is about a single mother of six. She does not receive child support and works around the clock to support her children. When her ex stops by one night, she ends up pregnant again. She lives in a state without access to abortion care and she doesn’t have the funds or the time  to travel somewhere that does. In a desperate moment, she tries to miscarriage at home. It goes terribly wrong.

Abortions have always existed and always will. They are part of our human herstory. There is written documentation of different abortion methods used all over the world. Archeologists have discovered instruments used to perform abortions that date back hundreds of years. Limiting abortion access does not prevent abortions from happening, it prevents them from being safe.

An abortion is not an easy choice to make, but it’s an impossible choice to make for a stranger. And if we take away the right to safe reproductive care, people will suffer. People will die.

I’ve had the honor of supporting friends while they go through the process of getting an abortion. I’ve never for a second gotten the impression that the process was easy. “Wrapped Up” is a love song to all the women out there who have braved the storm of misunderstanding.  All the women who were pressured into a life they didn’t choose. All the women who resisted. All the women who rose up. And all the women who fell. I love you. You deserve better than this.

MuMu shares the following links, saying:

Reach out to your State Representative

Donate to Abortion Funds

Find an abortion clinic

Locate an event near you

The fight isn’t over. USE YOUR VOICE.


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July 6th, 2022

Margaret Glaspy

When Roe V Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court, singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy’s immediate reaction, like the majority of the United States citizens, was both one of anger and the feeling that something needed to be done. Channeling those emotions, she was spurred to release “My Body My Choice” which, while written by Glaspy 2 years ago, is unfortunately still relevant today.

The song is out today via ATO and Glaspy shares, “‘My Body My Choice,’ is a song of protest. Taking away resources from people who need abortions only leaves them with unsafe alternatives, and no one should be forced to experience that. It is absolutely necessary for any person who can give birth to consent to their own pregnancy. It feels absurd that we are still fighting this fight, but here we are. It’s your body, so it should be your choice.”

A portion of the proceeds from today’s single will go towards The Brigid Alliance, a referral-based service that provides travel, food, lodging, child care and other logistical support for people seeking abortions. Further, Glaspy is confirmed to play an August 7 show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s Alright benefiting the non-profit.


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June 28th, 2022


Singer-Songwriter, Producer & Advocate MILCK has shared the urgent new protest song “We Won’t Go Back” with BIIANCO, Autumn Rowe and featuring Ani DiFranco in immediate response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The story of “We Won’t Go Back” began in DC the day after the Politico leak regarding the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, which would eliminate the constitutional right to abortion. MILCK went to the Supreme Court House to participate in a rally where hundreds of people gathered in protest and the cathartic, powerful chant “We won’t go back!” became the resounding anthem.

That night, MILCK took the audio she’d recorded from the protests and created a sample that would soon become a song, which she would share on social media, offering the audio to her community with the intention that others will contribute their voices and stories. “Community is the cure for most problems, and this song was no exception,” says MILCK. “BIIANCO jumped on as lead producer and co-writer. My instagram follower @malmooge contributed lyrics. Autumn Rowe lent her vocals, and Ani DiFranco added a whole layer of badassery with her vocals and guitar.”



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October 14th, 2021

Noise for Now

Digital marketing platform PROPELLER works at the crossroads of culture and social good and have teamed up with NOISE FOR NOW to launch a large-scale fundraising and awareness-raising campaign in support of Reproductive Rights. The campaign features artists offering one-of-a-kind prizes to incentivize fans to stand up and take action including Bon Iver, Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear, Demi Lovato, IDLES, St. Vincent, Tove Lo and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with additional artists to be added in the coming weeks.

Learn more here: https://propeller.la/noisefornowreproductivefreedom.

NOISE FOR NOW’s Reproductive Freedom campaign will raise money for the already overburdened heroes on the ground: Independent Reproductive Healthcare / Abortion Clinics (Keep Our Clinics –https://keepourclinics.org ) and Abortion Funds (National Network of Abortion Funds –https://abortionfunds.org ), as well as the Center For Reproductive Rights – https://reproductiverights.org who will be the legal defense in the Supreme Court case challenging Roe v. Wade this fall.

The artists participating in the campaign have generously offered prizes including:

Bon Iver: Signed Bon Iver (10th Anniversary Edition) Lp + Merch Bundle

IDLES: Signed test pressing of new album CRAWLER

Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear: Signed guitar played on the Grizzly Bear “Painted Ruins” tour

Demi Lovato: Select clothing items from their closet

St. Vincent: Two music man signed guitars

Tove Lo: Two signed copies of rare Blue Lips vinyl

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Six signed original photo proofs from an early and classic Spin shoot by Danielle Levitt

Look for additional artists and items to be added in the coming weeks. In addition to artist prizes, music fans can support Noise for Now by purchasing one of their signature 1973 Pro Roe Tee for Reproductive Freedom –https://propeller.la/rewards/18903/1973-pro-roe-tee-for-reproductive-freedom  All proceeds benefit Noise For Now’s Reproductive Freedom Campaign with the organization retaining 10% of proceeds to help cover operational costs.

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