September 12th, 2016

riot fest

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September 12th, 2016
riot fest
Who to See at Riot Fest – Chicago, IL – September 16-18, 2016


Tigers Jaw – Ben Walsh & Brianna Collins are the core of this dream pop band. Although they date from 2005 they have undergone many changes. They released Charmer in 2014 and a live album in 2015.
Jule Vera – Jule Vera is a new band. We first heard about them last year when they were on Vans Warped Tour. They have released Friendly Enemies last year. They are a pop punk band.
Eskimeaux – Gabrielle Smith is the songwriting core of Eskimeaux. They are a low-fi indie rock band that we’ve had the pleasure of covering many times. They released Year of the Rabbit this year.


Donna Missal – Missal is an emerging talent from NJ known for tracks “The Keeper” and “Sick.” She is starting off RF first thing on Friday.
White Lung – We’ve been listening to White Lung’s Paradise and feel the raw energy of this punk release. They are playing Friday afternoon.
Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas – This Detroit band is a soul band with a lot of brass. Their rhythm section stands out. Hernandez is physically small but makes up for it with a voice that wraps around you like a snake and squeezes. They released the Demon EP before releasing Secret Evil.
Tasha the Amazon – This Canadian Hip-Hop Rock artist was selected for SXSW 2017 a few days ago. She has many singles and downloads and is building a following very quickly.
Summer Cannibals – This Portland rock band released Full Of It early this year and has been heavily touring since. They are on Kill Rock Stars.
Sleater Kinney – They sold out their return tour last year barely after it was announced. They are the most storied women’s act on the tour. Last year they released No Cities to Love, their first new album in a decade. Sleater Kinney was one of a myriad of Grrl Rock bands in the 90’s. Now they are back.
The Julie Ruin – The perfect companion to Sleater Kinney is Kathleen Hanna’s The Julie Ruin. Hanna is a driving force from the Grrl Rock movement of the 90’s. The band has strong social messages in addictive rock songs. They recently released Hit Reset.
Juliette Lewis & The Licks – People often forget that Juliette Lewis is more than an actress. She has been performing with The Licks for years. She released an new album Terra Igcognita a couple of months ago along with the new track “Hello Hero.”
Bleached –  We saw this LA 3 piece after a long weekend of music in March. We’d already seen Sunflower Beam, Yuck and others that weekend. Bleached came in and showed what music is about. They are a pop punk band that is more straight rock than anything else. They released Welcome to the Worms in April.
War on Women – War on Women is a hardcore feminist punk rock band. They are visibly in the audience’s face with issue oriented songs that go for the gut. They released a self-titled album full length-album.

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