September 1st, 2021

Unfinished Mail – September 2021


masked crowd
Welcome to September which feels a lot like July. Instead of the summer winding down things are heating up. 
This past weekend I was at a 3-day outdoor music festival but the music was only part of the reason. It was more a chance to catch up with friends I haven’t seen since COVID began. It was a reunion. Some people were standoffish. Keeping a few feet away while talking and fist-bumping, or elbow-bumping. Many others were ready for the full long overdue hug. The question was “How are you doing?” which could be read many ways – “Thank God you’re still around”, “Did you/Do you have it?”, “Are you safe?” There is a desire for everything to be normal, and a fear that it is not. There were many masked faces and hand cleanser dispensers. There was also a lot of music, smiles, and a sense that we aren’t done yet. Now we wait to hear if there were any infections from the music fest (there have been from others). This coming weekend I have more multiple-day music events. 
While I was at the music fest I texted a friend of mine. He was unable to make it. He was waiting for the results of a COVID test after a possible exposure. He was someone I’d been looking forward to seeing. There will be more reunions. 
Alex Teitz

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