May 1st, 2014

Rachele Lynae

   By Alex Teitz

                   Nashville via Alaska artist Rachele Lynae brings a great deal to her self-titled CD. Lynae teams up with friend and producer Jamie O’Neal to bring an album filled with hook filled party songs and tender ballads. Lynae’s album has a line of songwriters involved including Luke Sheets, Josh Holiday, Patricia Conway, Jimmy Murphy to name a few. The album has a line of pop country party songs including “Fishin’ For Something”, “Out On the Floor”, “Two for One Special” and “Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home.” The ballads on the album are not as sturdy. The strongest is “Clean” in which Lynae teamed up with Justin Halpin to write.
                The album has a number of themes including coming of age, revenge, regret, falling in love and, of course, partying. Lynae’s backing back is strong on all songs and the production is clean. Lynae’s vocals recall a younger Martina McBride or Lorrie Morgan. One gets the impression that the coming of age songs in the album truly are a reflection of Lynae’s maturity in the business. This is powerful debut with songs that linger after listening. It does feel slightly lacking. Although Lynae’s vocals are strong, they do not feel powerful. It is a strong breeze but not a tornado.  The true power will come with time and we look forward to seeing Lynae grow. For more info visit

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