March 10th, 2021

Isol-Aid #48 – There’s Music in the Heir

Sunday March 14, 2021

Kicking it off with a very exciting new force, HOODZY crafts unapologetic raps with a strong fisted ferocity. A young queer woman chasing the dream and knowing exactly what she’s doing along the way. Already tearing up the airways including strong play on Triple J Unearthed, we can’t wait to have Hoodzy unleashed onto our screens.

If you haven’t heard CLOWNS (acoustic) yet well perhaps you’re…just that. Hailing from the Bayside burbs of Melbourne, Clowns have built a reputation for fun hardcore full to the brim of energy and punk sounds. Speedy, trashy – the perfect wake up on your Sunday from these bloody nutters! This Sunday in acoustic form no less… go off!

LARA D is a vocal powerhouse and at 17, Lara is a sparkling example and influence for her younger peers. A healthy mix of RnB & pop feed her sound that she describes as the ultimate expression – a gateway into her story. Designed to make you happy and full of infectious truth – this young artist’s level-headed and positive approach makes us feel like you can do anything, and you can!

Rounding out the week will be POLISH CLUB (solo) who claim to be the sweatiest band in Sydney. They write fast songs that take cues from Motown and the garage rock scuzz of Detroit in the same breath. Raucous and rollin, a dynamite end to the week. Catch Novak from the band, this Sunday, closing out Isol-Aid #48.


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