November 10th, 2021

Beloved sibling duo BROODS (Georgia and Caleb Nott) have released their new single and video for “Heartbreak” and officially revealed the details for their forthcoming studio album, Space Island, out February 18 via Island Records Australia/Ingrooves.

“We wrote this from a place of determination. Determined to learn from the loss of my marriage and keep my heart open in its most tender state,” says Georgia on the new song. “When I say, ‘Let your heart break’, I’m whispering to myself to stay present with the grief and transmute it into empathy. It was a mantra for me when I first separated from my husband. One of our parents would reiterate to me daily at the beginning of my healing.”

Animated by Dr. Foothead (Adult Swim, Babe Rainbow, The Oh Sees) and produced by Alex McCrossin, “Heartbreak” joins BROODS’ previously released single and anti-anthem “Piece Of My Mind.”


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September 2nd, 2021

BROODS(beloved sibling duo Georgia and Caleb Nott) have returned with a new single and video for “Piece Of My Mind.” The first in over two years, this release provides a taste of their forthcoming album, Space Island. The new single offers an escape into the duo’s world of lush, classic synths and enchanting vocals as they launch into their next era.

Evoking the arid mysteries of Space Island as well as sci-fi horror classics, the video is an endlessly fascinating fantasy that serves as a testament to BROODS’ strength of vision.

“We wanted to do something really special, because we don’t know when people are going to be able to go to live shows next,” says Georgia, “So we wanted to create this world that people could come and visit from wherever they are.”

Despite its anthemic, arena-ready highs, “Piece Of My Mind” might be one of the darkest songs

BROODS have ever written, deceptively bright in its tone but complex and exploratory in its lyrics. It’s the first chapter in a suite that builds on 2019’s Don’t Feed The Pop Monster with new layers of emotional clarity and pop atmospherics.

“‘Piece Of My Mind’ is the opening fanfare of Space Island,” says Georgia. “The song describes the many paradoxes we encounter when we try to escape our problems — the more we try to run away from our problems and ourselves, the more we are confronted with the aspects of each that we don’t like. ‘Piece Of My Mind’ is the moment I start reasoning with myself at the crossroads — to figure out where I am, and what’s really at the heart of what I’m denying and trying to escape.”

To conjure the beginnings of Space Island, BROODS’ evocative and distinctive new world, Caleb and Georgia approached Canadian producer Stint, who has worked on hits by Mø and Carly Rae Jepsen. “With the production, we wanted to make it sound like you were on this kind of jet pack trip where everything is shifting, where you’re escaping to this unknown world called Space Island,” says Georgia.

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