May 1st, 2021
Letter From The Editor
Party Like It's 2019!!
May 1 is officially two weeks after my 2nd vaccine shot so my immunity is built up. I have shows on my calendar to see live again. I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up from 100 year nap to explore the world again. I hope things are improving where you are. May is the start of summer festival season. As you’ve already seen FEMMUSIC is previewing a lot more events. The good news is there are more events to preview. We’re also sending our photographers out and hope to have more photos soon. We’re back and hope to bring more and more and more. 
The vaccine is what makes returning to normal or semi-normal possible. If you haven’t had a shot, get one. Make sure you get both doses for the vaccines that require it. 
Alex Teitz

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