October 1st, 2017

Unfinished Mail – October 2017

Kayla Smith

In August we caught the band Scars That Heal in Time. Kayla Smith was wearing a t-shirt that said “NOT THE MERCH GIRL” that had been made by her mother. To me it was an instant recognition of what happens every day. I’ve heard it from tour managers, and artists. They come to a venue and the expectation is that they are “friends of the band”, “groupies”, “the merch girl”, etc….not the band itself. I’ve been hearing stories for years and seeing a band blatantly point it out was wonderful. Personally I think Scars That Heal in Time should have that t-shirt in it’s merch. I know many artists who would wear that shirt. 
I view the non recognition of the band “being” the band as sexism pure and simple. No man loading in gear is viewed the same way. A band deserves basic respect when loading in and through the night. If they are professional, the venue should be professional with them. If not, well…those are other stories. Women lugging in their own equipment are not viewed the same way. In some ways it is almost puritan based where a woman isn’t “expected” to do that. It’s 2017. Women are doing more than they were ever “expected” to do. They aren’t “just” the merch girl. They are the band that will kick your ass. 
Alex Teitz

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