June 1st, 2014

Nostalghia – Chrysalis

   By Alex Teitz

                Where to begin? The sound of the next revolution is music has been recorded. It has a familiar voice that compares to Bjork, Kate Bush, Haelstorm and a multitude of others. It is lyrical and theatrical. It is the sound of pain, anger and fury that every lost soul feels. It is Nostalghia.
                Nostalghia is a band but its namesake is Ciscandra Nostalghia. All songs are written by Ciscandra and Roy Gnan. Gnan is also keyboardist, drummer and programmer. Cellist Adele Stein and drummer Glen Sobel are also on the album. The album was mixed by Dave Fortman and produced by Nostalghia.
                Chrysalis isn’t an album. It is poetry weaved into a snarling, violent, emotional mix. There are two things that strike the listener immediately when hearing the album: Nostalghia’s vocals and the overwhelming lyrics she sings. Nostalghia sounds like Kate Bush, Tori Amos but with a tinged foreign accent that curls around certain words and phrases. The lyrics are mindblowing. Listening to the album is a transforming experience. Unlike the hordes of mediocre label artists, Nostalghia holds nothing back. The stand out songs are “Naked As A Hand” which has a ghostly narrator describing love. “Cool For Chaos” which is violent reaction to a relationship. “I Am A Robot (Hear Me Glitch)” which is a song of leaving. “I’d Still Kill You” which is a ballad of resentment. The entire album is a masterpiece and to say too much is to give it away, and to say too little is to not give it credit.
                Nostalghia is a mind game. Hearing the album is a battle that strikes heart and soul so hard it is impossible to be untouched. Nostalghia will be on tour this summer with Riot Fest. FEMMUSIC hopes a headlining tour will follow. Get Chrysalis and be transformed. Then make sure all your friends hear it. The sound of the next revolution is music has been recorded. It is www.nostalghiamusic.com

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