July 22nd, 2022

2007, the new EP from much-lauded vocalist, songwriter and producer Miya Folick, is slated for release September 9 via Nettwerk. Today, Folick shares a new song, “Nothing To See,” produced by Andrew Sarlo,

“This song is about falling in love with someone emotionally unavailable,” Folick says. “Someone whose feelings and desires were so obscured to me and themselves, that I had to become a detective. I studied their life for clues and tried to fit the role of the person I thought they’d like. Eventually we broke up, and I realized that I’d lost the plot on my own life. My body and personality and life were so populated by the interests of this person, that once they were gone, there was nothing left to see. But, to me, this song isn’t bleak. I think there’s power in being brave enough to say, ‘I was made a fool by you.’”

Additionally, Folick confirms a run of U.S. shows this fall, with stops in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco and an extensive tour across the UK/EU with Tove Lo in October and November.


September 15                                          Market Hotel                                           Brooklyn, NY

September 27                                    Teragram Ballroom                               Los Angeles, CA

September 28                                         Café du Nord                                 San Francisco, CA

September 30                                      Doug Fir Lounge                                        Portland, OR

October 1                                               Madame Lou’s                                            Seattle, WA

October 29                                          3Olympia Theater                                           Dublin, IE*

November 1                                       SWG3 Galvanizers                                    Glasgow, UK*

November 2                                                Academy                                       Manchester, UK*

November 3                                              O2 Institute                                     Birmingham, UK*

November 5                                         The Roundhouse                                        London, UK*

November 8                                            La Madeleine                                          Brussels, BE*

November 9                                           Live Music Hall                                        Cologne, DE*

November 10                                              Bataclan                                                    Paris, FR*

November 12                                            Den Atelier                                     Luxembourg, LU*

November 13                                              Melkweg                                         Amsterdam, NL*

November 15                                       Astra Kulturhaus                                            Berlin, DE*

November 16                                               Stodola                                                Warsaw, PL*

November 18                                                 Vega                                         Copenhagen, DK*

November 19                                        Sentrum Scene                                              Oslo, NO*

November 21                                                 Berns                                             Stockholm, SE*

November 22                                                 Berns                                             Stockholm, SE*

* with Tove Lo


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July 22nd, 2022

Alex The Astronaut

Singer, songwriter and storyteller ALEX THE ASTRONAUT shares her second album How to Grow A Sunflower Underwater, out today via Nettwerk.

The new album reinforces Alex’s graceful ability to merge the playful with the profound as she documents the complexities of life, her strength as a songwriter magnified by her sense of empathy and embracing a new level of emotional transparency.

Today, Alex the Astronaut also shares her latest single, the heart-wrenching album closer “Ride My Bike” about reckoning with the end of a relationship, and how you can move forward with what you’ve learnt from someone else.

“It’s also about hating the gym, riding your bike, and trying to do a lot of different exercise and activities to try and distract yourself from a breakup,” Alex the Astronaut shares. The track is accompanied by a beguiling video clip, with footage Alex shot on a drone in picturesque Iceland, Copenhagen, London and the famous Brighton Pier in England, before coming home to Eora/Sydney, to ride her bike with her friends and loved ones down in Gordon’s Bay – the same place she started snorkelling during the pandemic which inspired many themes on the album, including “Octopus.”


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June 16th, 2022

ALEX THE ASTRONAUT unveiled her video for “Haircut” today, the latest single from her upcoming album How to Grow A Sunflower Underwater, out July 22 via Nettwerk. The new Claudia Bailey-directed video from singer, songwriter and storyteller dives into the power of friendship, especially while you are trying to figure yourself out.

Of the video, Alex shares, “I loved “Call Me By Your Name” when I first saw it because it was presented as a love story first, and not just a ‘gay story.’ In the same way, I wanted to show a story about gender as a story about growing up, and I think the biggest part of growing up is our friends. Claud, the director, made such a beautiful, bright narrative about two friends who are figuring themselves out side-by-side and it fit the song perfectly.” Alex continues, “It felt like we were filming a movie. We had so much fun at the shoot, and I think the video gets across the joy, terror, brightness, darkness and excitement of growing into the person that you want to be.”


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June 6th, 2022

Jaguar Jonze

In 2019 FEMMUSIC interviewed Jaguar Jonze:

Jaguar Jonze – Deena Lynch


Now the Taiwanese-Australian  singer,  producer,  songwriter,  and  multimedia  artist Jaguar Jonze unveils her highly anticipated debut album BUNNY MODE, out today via Nettwerk. Featuring the explosive “WHO DIED   AND   MADE   YOU   KING”, “CUT,” Eurovision   contender “LITTLE   FIRES,” and more, BUNNY MODE is a personal triumph of resilience and incredible creative work on which the world-building artistry of Jaguar Jonze shines through.

Alongside  the  album’s  release  comes  a  new  video  directed,  produced,  and  edited  by  Jaguar  Jonze  accompanying  the arena-sized anthem “SWALLOW,” a blistering new track that sees Jaguar Jonze flip the male-gaze on its head.

A visual continuation of “LITTLE FIRES,” also tying in with the BUNNY MODE cover art, the provocative yet tongue-in-cheek clip sees Jaguar Jonze again playing with shibari, emulating a spider with its prey.” I wanted the ‘SWALLOW’ clip to be comedic, controversial, and fun. Embodying a sex cyborg doll with a faulty processing chip was my sardonic statement as a woman of color minced up by the patriarchy and its fetishization of Asian women. Be turned on, be confused, and question those trains of thought,” Jaguar Jonze explains.

A powerful feminist work exploring her journey as an assault survivor, an advocate for change, and a figure on the frontline of Australia’s  #MeToo movement, BUNNY MODE sees  Jaguar Jonze radiate confidence, finding strength in vulnerability and  tackling  dark  topics  with  lightness  and  humor.  Together  with  her  band,  she  has  created  a  unique  and  cinematic patchwork of stadium pop and industrial noise, laced with punchy-punk energy. Throughout the album, Jaguar Jonze moves past an old coping mechanism that she calls “going bunny mode” -becoming still and quiet instead of crying out in response to physical, psychological, and emotional threats.”

This album is a journey of  saying  goodbye  to  that  ‘bunny  mode,'” she  says.” Making  this  album  has  been  this  process  of  saying -thank  you  for saving me and allowing me to survive up until this point, but I don’t need you anymore.” The album is also a love letter to music itself -she explains, “Most things I did in my life, I did for survival. But, making music was the complete opposite: it was  a  gift  and  permission  to  myself  to  create,  live passionately,  and  say  what  I  was  feeling.  It  was  passion,  intimacy, rawness, and connection; it completely changed my life. It made me feel human.

Bunny Mode

BUNNY MODE track list:

  6. LOUD
  9. CUT

Man Made Monster Tour Dates

Saturday 18 June -Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday 19 June -The Barwon Club, Geelong

Friday 24 June -Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Saturday 25 June -Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide

Friday 1 July -Miami Marketta, Gold Coast

Saturday 2 July -The Triffid, Brisbane

Friday 8 July -Kambri, Canberra

Saturday 9 July -Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Sunday 10 July -Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

#JaguarJonze #Nettwerk 

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May 19th, 2022

Alex the Astronaut

ALEX THE ASTRONAUT released her new single “Haircut” today from How to Grow A Sunflower Underwater, her upcoming album and follow up to acclaimed debut album The Theory of Absolutely Nothing (2020), out July 22 via Nettwerk. The track was inspired by a dramatic haircut in 2020 when the artist cut off all her hair for charity.

“When Australia opened up for a brief month or two last year my friends and I went to the blue mountains for a few days,” noted Alex on the moment with her friends that informed the genesis of “Haircut.” “We went swimming in this very cold waterfall that gave me and my friend Taz a headache because it was so cold. This song is about then, that even though the world is a scary and sometimes mean and dangerous place to be in if you’re different, if you have a group of people that love you it can help you be okay. (And, if you listen closely Dan [Hanson, from Ball Park Music] pretends to be a seagull in the second verse.)”



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April 8th, 2022

Jaguar Jonze

Taiwanese-Australian  singer,  producer,  songwriter,  and  multimedia artist Jaguar Jonze is thrilled to announce her debut album BUNNY MODE (June 3 via Nettwerk) and share the video for the new single “TRIGGER HAPPY,” out everywhere today.

“TRIGGER  HAPPY” sees  Jaguar  Jonze- aka Deena  Lynch-explore  “love  bombing”  (being  lavished  with attention or affection by a person so they can more easily influence or manipulate) and being in a place where she finally sees certain behaviors for what they are -a theme evident across BUNNY MODE (“I’m just not having it anymore”).

Jaguar Jonze

The video -which Jaguar Jonze directed, edited, and produced -includes visual nods to earlier videos and  was cleverly  shot guerilla-style during  breaks in her album cover photoshoot. “The video is hectic and fun. During any break, I would yell out, “quick, shoot me doing weird poses!” or “look, there’s a dog on set -FILM THIS!”. The day was high energy which we captured in the video. And not a bad performance considering my shoes had cut off the circulation to my feet.”


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March 11th, 2022

Mr Little Jeans

Norwegian musician Mr Little Jeans will release Better Days on June 3 via Nettwerk–an album that is a  testament  to  Birkenes’  strength  as  a  songwriter  and  vocalist  and  dives  into  undoing  the  trauma  and  disgrace  that  life heaps upon each of us from a young age. It’s a record about fighting to get through and the sunlight that awaits on the other side. The definitive document by a pop  artist whose absence  has  been sorely felt, it’s a testament, an album defined by virtuosity and spirit.

Out today, the stunning “Better with You” is a piece of gossamer ambient-R&B, powered by delicate harmonies that point to the song’s sweetness. Written about the exhilarating early stages of a relationship, it speaks to Birkenes’ symbiosis with her co-writers, Drew McFadden and Leon Jean-Marie. “I’m at my most creative and honest when I’m writing with people I know and trust,” Birkenes recalls. “It also helps if I can boss them around and be vocal about what I want, which is what I did most days.” Produced by a team of talent including longtime collaborators McFadden and Jean-Marie, alongside Tim Anderson(Banks, Halsey) and Aron Forbes (Billie Eilish, King Princess, Olivia Rodrigo),the album is altogether a more dynamic, more hair-raising record, complete with shuddering bass synth, ice-cold trap drums, and a surprising, enveloping sense of space.


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March 3rd, 2022

Alex the Astronaut

ALEX THE ASTRONAUT is thrilled to announce her sophomore album How to Grow A Sunflower Underwater, out July 22, 2022 via Nettwerk. The follow up to her widely praised 2020 debut album The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing is an intimate exploration of post-traumatic growth, and a body of work affirming Alex as a truly essential songwriter, capable of transforming the way we view ourselves and the world around us. It features singles “Growing Up,” “Airport” and vividly heartfelt new single “Octopus,” which comes with a warm animated video capturing a journey of self-discovery that reflects Alex the Astronaut’s recent Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. The singer, songwriter and storyteller is also confirmed to perform at SXSW 2022 – look for more information on her performances soon.

“A group of octopus can be called octopuses, octopi, or octopods. I like octopods the best,” notes Alex. “Octopods can change colour to blend in with their surroundings, regrow limbs, and decorate their houses with shells. They are amazing geniuses that live amongst us. Growing up we learn that only people that show a certain set of skills can be called clever, or valuable to society. When I was diagnosed with ASD last year I was worried people would look at me funny and think that I don’t fit when they found out, which they do sometimes but I learnt that we all have a different set of superpowers, like our friends the octopods. All of us need a little help from our friends sometimes and all of us have a superpower that could help the world grow. If we stopped worrying about how much everyone does or doesn’t fit I think we’d all be braver, more curious and much kinder.”

On How to Grow A Sunflower Underwater, Alex the Astronaut shares, “I’d written a couple songs that were far more vulnerable than anything I’d done before, and I started to see that I needed to keep being that vulnerable if I wanted to make something that contributed to the world. I like to write songs that have a purpose to them—so even if it felt uncomfortable sometimes I had to tell myself, ‘Let’s just keep swimming.’”


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