August 11th, 2021

Today, Jackson+Sellers debut new song “Waste Your Time,” a indie pop rock single from their forthcoming debut album, Breaking Point, which will be released on October 22 via ANTI- records.

The new track’s grungy distorted guitars and brooding drums soundtrack their wistful vocals, which intertwine to reflect on a relationship gone wrong and the precious time that was wasted.

Jade Jackson said, “Waste Your Time was my heart’s way of ringing out the last few drops of a toxic relationship. When I started strumming the chords and scribbling down the lyrics I was in a place of weakness. After I put the pencil down and finished the song I felt strong again. It helped me move on.”

Aubrie Sellers added, “When we were putting songs together, Jade sent over a folder of a bunch of different ones that she had written and this one really stood out to us. It reminded me of what it might sound like if someone made a pure 90s rock anthem today. I think everybody has wondered if they wasted their time in the wrong relationship, and Jade encompassed the sentiment simply and completely.”

Formed during the pandemic after Jackson approached Sellers via a social media DM, inquiring if Sellers would like to sing backing vocals on one of her new songs. The creative partnership quickly blossomed into a full duo project with Sellers and Jackson citing instant chemistry, cosmic forces, and their desire to write a record that reflected their expansive musical interests amongst the reasons that quickly cemented their new music union.

Recorded at The Cabin studio in East Nashville in late 2020, Breaking Point was co-produced by Sellers and Ethan Ballinger, with Jackson and Sellers contributing three tracks each and co-writing “Wound Up” with Ballinger. In addition to their own material, they selected deep-cut covers including their first single, a reimagination of Julie Miller’s blistering “The Devil Is an Angel.” They also recorded genre bending interpretations of Suzi Quatro’s defiant “The Wild One,” and Shannon Wright’s raucous “Has Been.”

Jackson reflected, “This is an album that pays homage to unique, independent women who created their own path, wrote their own songs, had their own sounds.”

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July 28th, 2021

Los Angeles, CA’s Zella Day is thrilled to release a brand new song called “Golden” today via Concord Records.  “Golden” is full of luminous harmonies, a shimmery, skirt-twirling disco beat, and one of the best choruses Day has ever written.  A video for the song, directed by Corey “Titanic” Sinclair, and concepted by Day and Titanic, can also be seen today as well.

Says Day about the song, “The Genesis of ‘Golden’ happened as a tornado was tearing through Nashville and whispers of a global pandemic were evolving past a rumor. I was in Alabama writing with John Paul White as my phone was lighting up with messages from friends and family back home. I was supposed to drive back to Nashville that evening, but plans changed like the weather. In the stillness of the studio, ‘Golden’ was written communicating with powers beyond my control, expressing and coping with the magnitude of the situation by creating art; singing a melody into the moment to address its fragility and infinite beauty.“

“Golden” is a taste of Zella Day’s highly anticipated sophomore album, which is due out this fall.  Recorded with producer Jay Joyce (Cage The Elephant, Emmylou Harris), the album features guest turns by Local Natives’ Ryan Hahn, Day’s longtime collaborator John Velasquez, drums by Autolux’s Carla Azar, and bass by Cage The Elephant’s Daniel Tichenor.

“Golden” follows the release of the songs “Dance For Love” and “Girls,” and all of them will be featured on Day’s sophomore album. Day’s forthcoming sophomore album follows 2020’s EP, Where Does The Devil Hide, produced by Dan Auerbach, and released by Concord Records.

Day is a recently-announced addition to this year’s ACL lineup for both weekends, in addition to playing this year’s Beachlife Festival, taking place in Redondo Beach, CA the weekend of September 10th, 2021. The singer is also set to open for the acclaimed band Silversun Pickups on select dates this fall.


Date                                        City                             Venue

Wed Sept 8                             Solana Beach, CA      Belly Up

Fri Sept 10 – Mon Sept 13      Redondo Beach, CA   Beachlife Festival

Sun Sept 12                            Santa Cruz, CA          The Catalyst

Tues Sept14                           Sacramento, CA         Ace of Spades

Wed Sept 15                           Reno, NV                   Virginia Street Brewhouse

Thurs Sept 16                         Napa, CA                   JaM Cellars Ballroom

Fri Oct 1 – Sun Oct 3              Austin, TX                   Austin City Limits

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May 25th, 2021

Bailey Callahan is releasing her album The A & B Sides on June 4, 2021. Today she releases the music video of the single “City Lights.” Produced and directed by Logen Christopher for Storm Light Pictures, the clip was shot on the streets of downtown Nashville with the illusion of being in New York City.

“‘City Lights’ is the deepest song I’ve ever written,” said Bailey. “In the moment of writing it, I didn’t realize how much it matched up to what I was going through until after the fact. It’s not only the deepest song I’ve recorded, but also the most vulnerable. I think admitting you’re not okay is a really strong thing to do. This song was about me being lost and looking for a way to ease my mind/heart.” 

Bailey wrote four of the songs on The A & B Sides solo and partnered with Jared Anderson, Johnny Clawson, Davis Branch and Kyle Sturrock on the remaining five. The album was produced by Robbie Artress (Priscilla Block).

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April 16th, 2021

Texas singer-songwriter Alex McArtor is releasing her EP Welcome to the Wasteland on June 25. The album was recorded in Nashville with Owen Lewis. McArtor’s style is a mix of country and dream pop that lingers after the song. She previously released the single “Wasteland.” Today she releases the single “Baby Don’t Cut Your Hair for Anyone.”

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April 6th, 2021

Women’s Audio Mission Virtual Nashville 2021

April 24, 2021

This convention features Andrea Williams, Cam, Gena Johnson, Kazuri Arai, Leslie Richter, Rissi Palmer, Shani Gandhi as well as special guests and giveaways. Tix at:

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February 10th, 2021

Nashville-based Madi Diaz marks a full restart of her artistic career with “Man In Me,” her poignant debut single/video for ANTI-. It’s a first taste of how Diaz has worked at perfecting the craft of delivering a full spectrum of emotions via songs stripped to their most confrontational and raw form. This song was produced by Diaz with additional production by Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Bon Iver).  Across reverberating guitar strums and light piano, Diaz’s voice is evocative as she makes frank observations about a past relationship: “Do you imagine me differently // Cause when I met you swore that you saw me // When you think I might be someone else // Does it turn you on.” As the track continues, Diaz’s vocals swell exponentially, only to be drawn back to a fading note.

 “‘Man In Me’ was the first song I sat down to record for myself in about six years, which is the reason I thought it was so important to release first. It’s a very intimately visceral moment, a sort of play-by-play inner monologue, taking my first steps through a really hard time.” The accompanying video, directed by Stephen Kinigopoulos, “emphasizes the intensity of a moment held and held and held. For me, this video is like holding a stare for so long that it hurts. It’s like knowing you should let go, but you keep holding on cause you can’t say ‘when,’ and playing with that tension lying right beneath the surface. You know something’s up, but you just can’t put your finger on it.”

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October 22nd, 2020

Lydia Luce came from a strict musical family. She has a master’s in viola from UCLA.

Luce says, “I am grateful for my classical upbringing and that I’ve gotten to absorb a diverse education in music. Ultimately it all brought me to this space of getting to create from experiences that are only mine.”

Luce is getting ready to release her sophomore album Dark River.

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October 13th, 2020


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September 24th, 2020

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